Homebuyers’ FAQ

Questions and answers for homebuyers

J. David Lampe, RealtorQ: Do I have to have a 20% down payment?
A: No. There are lots of great loan programs that require as little as $500 down.

Q: Can you only show me homes you have listed?
A: No, I can show you any home for sale in Colorado including any realty listings, for sale by owner, and builder homes.

Q: What if I see a for sale by owner property that I want to visit?
A: Contact me and I will set up the showing. Most for sale by owners in the Denver area will work with a buyer’s agent and they will pay the agents commission.

Q: Who pays your commission?
A: Sellers typically pay real estate commissions in Colorado. The commission is normally split between the buyer’s and seller’s agents and is paid at closing. The sales commission is deducted from the seller’s proceeds at closing.