Homeseller Tips

How to Sell Your Denver-area Home Faster, for Top Dollar

J. David Lampe, RealtorTo make sure your home sells as quickly as possible, you should do as many of the following as possible:

  1. De-clutter your house by removing all knickknacks, magazines, and anything else on surface areas.
  2. Remove all small appliances and other clutter from the kitchen counters.
  3. Remove all items such as magnets and photos from your refrigerator.
  4. Remove all family photos from your walls and all personal items. Personal items are distracting to buyers, who want to imagine themselves and their belongings in your home.
  5. Remove as much furniture as possible to make your rooms look bigger.
  6. Ensure buyers have a clear path to walk through your home.
  7. Wash or paint dirty walls.
  8. Clean all carpets and polish all floors.
  9. Spray Febreeze or a similar fabric deodorizer on all carpets, upholstered furniture, and drapes.
  10. Clean out and straighten up the kitchen cabinet interiors and the closets.
  11. Replace burned out light bulbs. Replace low wattage bulbs with a higher wattage to make the house brighter for showings.
  12. If there are children in the house, clean up the toys.
  13. Clean all kitchen appliances inside and out.
  14. Clear patios or decks of all small items, such as planters, flowerpots, charcoal, toys, etc.
  15. Trim all shrubs and trees.
  16. Clean all windows inside and out.
  17. Clean up outside, mow lawn, rake leaves, sweep or shovel walk if necessary. Make sure all paths are clear.
  18. Make sure your house looks inviting from the street and as you approach the front door. First impressions are the most important when it comes to selling your house.

When a showing is scheduled for your home you should:

  1. Open all curtains and blinds.
  2. Leave all lights on during showings.
  3. Make sure your home smells good. Consider baking cookies before a showing, ready-to-bake cookies are easy and smell great.
  4. Play soft music during showings.
  5. Make sure your house is clean and all dishes are put away before showings.
  6. Pets should be absent, or at the very least securely crated or in the back yard, during showings.  Litter box should be invisible.

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